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Livepoll is the premier way for businesses to conduct online surveys.

Internet polls are fast becoming the preferred method to collect just-in-time statistics for just about any type of market study. at livepoll, we've developed a specialized web-based polling engine that allows us to get your survey online quickly and efficiently. our experience in conducting live surveys allows us to help you create an effective online poll.

Why use livepoll?

  • You need to get your survey online ASAP
  • You need to present a professional-looking and easy-to-use web interface
  • You need a reliable and lightning-quick polling engine
  • You need an independent and impartial firm to collect statistics
  • You'd like to instant access to real-time survey results
  • You need custom services or development that your staff cannot provide
  • We know what we're doing. We've done surveys for clients such as Texas Instruments, Stephen King, and

What we do

  • We design a custom survey site based on your specifications
  • We capture your survey results in a specialized database
  • We provide a secure means for you to check results in real-time
  • We prepare downloadable post-survey results in electronic format for detailed analysis

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